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Luminous Energy Therapy®
This innovative healing work combines all aspects of human wellness: body, mind and emotional balance.  Luminous Energy Therapy incorporates Hatha Yoga principles to promote deep relaxation, release of chronically held tension in the spine, the traditions of South American Shamanic Healing and Reiki - an ancient Japanese energetic technique.  The above is combined with compassionate counseling to support clients in achieving balance and harmony.Luminous_Energy_Therapy.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

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Welcome to the Home Page of Amy Tanaka, gifted holistic practitioner


  1. BulletPain reduction

  2. BulletDeep Relaxation

  3. BulletBalanced immune system

  4. BulletIncreased energy & flexibility

  5. BulletStress relief & management

  6. BulletImproved digestion & sleep

  7. BulletMental & emotional clarity
               & more

"Amy is masterful in her abilities to help you maintain and/or gain ease, energy and joie-de-vivre. She is a caring, professional, articulate and gentle...Your whole body will SMILE!"   Max Middleton

"Amy is a skilled yoga therapist with a deep capacity to listen to her client's body. It amazed me how the tiny muscles in my hips and back relaxed so completely with such little exertion from either of us.  I've been recommending Amy to people who have persistent pain of difficulty with movement."  Meenal Kelkar, Phoenix Rising Yoga therapist, Thai Yoga Therapist

"I have looked high and low for a master of her expertise and quality here in Southern California. Thank you for helping my physical relaxation as well as stress reduction. Thank you, I hope for continued opportunities." Anne Coppola

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